Invest in yourself because you are the root of your music

Please read prior to booking...

*There is a 1hr minimum plus a $10 setup deposit for recording  sessions. The remaining balance is due in cash at the  beginning of the session. Mixing and Mastering are priced accordingly and must be paid in full. Lateness is deducted from the artist's time. More than 45 minutes late with no contact will lead to a cancellation with a loss of deposit. This also applies to same day reschedules and/or cancellations. 


*ID is required with signature for online payments. We take your security seriously!

*Studio time is available 24/7 upon appointment with deposit only!





Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

"Invest in yourself because you are the root of your music" MBO

Price list

Studio Session Pricng - A studio session can consist of audio recording and/or 2 track mixing.

Recording - $60hr(Engineer Included) a copy of the work completed will be provided at the end of the session. Please save enough time during your session for printing.(About 15 minutes per song).

Mixing - A .wav 16bit 44.1k CD, .wav 16bit 44.1k STREAMING and a .wav 24bit 44.1k/48k are included with mixing. Other file types available upon request.

Turnaround 2 to 4 business days(Time may vary depending on the project. RUSH  fees apply)

*Additional prints(25% more)- Additional prints consist of an A Capella clean/dirty, Song clean/dirty, instrumental and TV track.

 2 Track Mixing - Starting at only $99.99 

Stem Mixing - Starting at only $199.99

*Online submissions - All files must be organized, arranged, tuned and labeled. The job will not begin until then. Ex. All files labeled audio instead of Verse 1 etc.)

Mastering - Starting at only $36.00 per minute(3 minute minimum)

*Turnaround 2 to 4 business days

Straight  Master - .wav 16bit 44.1k CD, wav 16bit 44.1k STREAMING and .wav 24bit 44.1/48k 

Full Master - additional prints. Ex: clean, dirty versions and their A Capellas, tv track, instrumental


Online submission only - Premasters must be sent at 24bit 44.1k or 48k with at least 3db of headroom and no plug ins on the master fader during bounce.